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Welcome to the webpage of our research group at the Schools of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering at NTU, Singapore.

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November 19

Group attends the MAE Graduate Student Club career event with Shanthini as an

organiser and toastmaster.

Prof. Hortense presents in collaboration with Prof. Swee-Hin from SCBE, NTU,

at the KI- NTU joint conference on oral health at the National Dental Centre of


October 19

Shanthini and Rohit present our research at MAE Industry day.

September 19

Our collaborator Katie Riley from Purdue arrived in Singapore for 1 year research with our partner at A*STAR, IHPC, we are very happy to have her around and wish her to enjoy the best of Singapore!

Prof. Hortense presents composite fabrication at the MRS Brazil meeting in the bio-inspired symposium.

August 19

Welcome to Ha Young and Laya who are starting their URECA projects! 

Welcome to Syafiq, Sharlene, Normal, Marcus, Eng Kiat, Clarence, starting their Final Year Project!

Prof. Hortense presents in situ liquid TEM technique at the Biomimetics for bioengineering conference in Brisbane, Australia.

Farewell to Tevyn, pursuing his masters with a semester in Sweden.

July 19

We are happy to host Asst. Prof. Andres Arrieta from Purdue University, USA for a few days!

Welcome to Rohit and Pei Fang who are starting their PhD!


June 19

Our paper with Dr. Florian Bouville now at Imperial College, UK "Processing of dense bio-inspired ceramics with deliberate microtexture" is published online in the Journal of American Ceramic Society!


Our paper "Modeling the effect of microstructure on elastic wave propagation in platelet-reinforced composites and ceramics" is just published in Composite Structures.


Prof. Hortense presents the LDMC at ETH Alumni 150 years in Singapore at the Singapore-ETH-Centre at the CREATE Tower at NUS.

May 19

We welcome Tevyn Kurkdjian as a visiting student from France!

April 19 

Prof. Hortense is speaking at the MRS meeting in Phoenix (


Our paper with the teams of Profs. Ali Miserez and Martial Duchamp from MSE, NTU "Time-resolved observations of liquid-liquid phase separation using in situ liquid transmission electron microscopy" is just published online in JACS.


Our paper with Dr. Florian Bouville (now Imperial College) and Prof. André Studart (ETH Zürich) "Design of textured multi-layered structures via magnetically assisted slip casting" is just published online in Soft Matter.


The paper "A diecast mineralization process forms the tough mantis shrimp dactyl club" with Profs. Ali Miserez and Martial Duchamp at NTU, MSE, and in collaboration with A*STAR and NUS is published in PNAS. Congrats everybody!


Our paper in collaboration with Prof. Andres Arrieta from Purdue University, USA and Prof. André Studart from ETHZ, Switzerland "Filtered mechanosensing using snapping composites with embedded mechano-electrical transduction" is ready to be published in ACS Nano.


Our invited contribution "Robotics: Science preceding science-fiction" is published in the MRS Bulletin. 

Our chemical lab is already functional, thanks to our very helpful lab manager Mrs. Koh Joo Luang. Thank you Joo Luang!

March 19 

Welcome to Shanthini who is starting her master thesis!

Jan 19

Prof Hortense gives seminars at MAE (28-01-2019, N3-02b-65, 10:30 am) and MSE 28-01-2019, N4.1-01-28, 11 am), NTU on past and future research.

Dr Hortense's profile highlighted in MRS Bulletin for the reception of the Postdoctoral publication prize 2018.

The LDMC is created!

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